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Home delivery!

Home delivery of your shopping!

Lack of time has made its presence felt in our lives increasingly louder and cause us to want any kinds of home delivery: ready cooked food at home, shopping at home, etc. and if the service is 24 hours a day, It can save us a lot of trouble. With Livram Timp you can order and we will deliver to your home anywhere in Bucharest and Ilfov: shopping, food, gifts, flowers, food from the restaurant, tickets to shows, medications etc.

It's easier than you can access an online store or a supermarket food online, now you get it all with home delivery. We recommend where it's best to buy groceries. We'll go for you and sit at the queues in hypermarkets, supermarkets, grocery stores, markets, specialized stores, then we deliver groceries in the shortest time, at home.

We prefer to give us a more accurate list of shopping by mail or over the phone. If we have problems and don't find exactly the shown product, will call you by phone and we agree jointly upon purchase for home delivery.

And all of these because...we Deliver Time for you!