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Delivering gifts, cakes, surprise flowers!

Delivering gifts - personalized gifts - ideas for gifts - special gifts - valentine's day gifts!

You've just been invited to a party and time is not your friend, especially as you scheduled every minute with a week before. But ... you are sure you will arrive at the party.

What gift to buy? You'd have a clue but ... time is your enemy.

All we need is a couple of clues, psychology books we have read alreadyy ... we help you and we recommend you the perfect gift, we buy it and deliver it to your home.

Luxury gifts, personalized gifts, gifts for women, gifts for men, funny gifts ... are the keywords that may define the concept of "gift ideas".

We come to help you, come up with ideas for funny gifts and help with their delivery to your place ... or to her place :)

Gift delivery for business partners-special gifts!

Do you want to make a gift to your business partners?

We are here for you! Greetings and holidays cards delivery, envelopes, Christmas gifts, Easter Gifts, etc.

Do you have a large number of partners and want to please all of them? Very well!

Livram Timp will offer you an impressive discount and will put at your disposal a fellow colleague so that your partners to have the presents the same day!

And all of these because ... we Deliver Time for you!